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Electronics market emerging

The accelerating evolution of the electronics market brings new designers and manufactures forward with sophisticated and more powerful electronic devices then in previous years. Whether devices are hard wired together or wireless issues with device compatibility may arise. This can result from the mixing of different manufactures equipment or the installation of noncertified or incorrectly configured equipment. Inductions of problems or malfunctions may be characterized by a buzzing sound in seemingly unrelated equipment, data not being displayed, or total system failure may result.

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Pre-installation planning the way we do things

Careful planning of electronic gear installation will insure the desired result. The installation of Certified NMEA 2000 equipment by certified technicians will insure reliable performance of the installation. Weather the changes to the vessels wiring or ugrades of equipment like VHF, telephone, satellite communications, radar, chart plotting system. On completion of any installation all equipment onboard is powered up and tested for operational performance.

Certified NEMA components

When purchasing MNEA network 2000 Products be sure the manufactures states clearly. This device is Certified NEMA 2000. Some electronic MFG's will claim their product is compatible with NMEA this may lead to performance issues with the device or may totally compromise the networks reliability .

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