We encourage preventative maintenance programs that help provide greater reliability and increase longevity.

Housatonic boat works offers services to secure your investment, safety and peace of mind.

We perform installations, replacement or repair of instruments and electrical systems that provide mission critical data to the vessel.

We also service diesel and gasoline marine grade power plants, transmissions, shafts and supporting systems such as plumbing that provides cooling water to engines and hot water to the galley and heads.


Supervision of Construction and repair Mahogany sail boat

a newly constructed vessel is an enormous undertaking generally, and cost will usually exceed hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Most of these vessels are not surveyed until closing day, or have become old enough for the insurance company to require one. In my experience, many problems in older vessels might have been avoided if corrective action had been taken at the time of construction. Generally a manufacture will be more accommodating addressing a problem during construction, rather than during the warrantee period when you own the vessel.

We provide service throughout Connecticut and shorelines, of Long Island Sound, lakes and inland waterways,

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