Captain Terry N. Cappellieri

terry cappellieri Certified advanced marine electronics installer by National Marine Electronics Association. With 40 years of sailing experience on Long island sound and surrounding waters. Terry is licensed by the United States Coast Guard as Mater 100gt with endorsements for commercial towing and auxiliary sail. Also is certified Sailing instructor by both the American Sailing Association and US Sailing Organizations. Onboard "My Way" with Gary Feracota owner of Pinnacle Yachts, and five crew they completed the 100th and 101st Chicago to Mackinaw race. Terry graduated Yacht and Small Craft Surveying at The Chapman School of Seamanship in 2006.

sailing boat

Available for instruction in boat preparation, handling, docking, navigation, and overboard recoveries. Terry is a certified instructor of both American Sailing Association and Us Sail organizations' and is a licensed captain of the United States Coast Guard.